Architectural Photography

Cottage Life

I recently shot a series of images of a group of beautiful wooden cottages on the French River. Such a beautiful location. I was really in awe. Northern Ontario really is stunning. We got really lucky on the day of the shoot. It had been raining all week up there and on the day we shot it cleared up and we had a beautiful blue sky afternoon. It was fantastic. The images came out amazing. Really happy with the results. Here are a few Images from the cottage shoot series. 

Platinum Cars

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Sean the owner of Platinum Cars. I was hired to shoot content for magazine submissions. Stock photos they could give to car magazines for publication. This shoot was a challenge but ultimately a lot of fun. Being around all those shiny cars was pretty cool too. 

This was a very challenging and enjoyable experience. Shooting the front lobby was a long process. With glass walls everywhere it took some time to setup the lights so that I would not see a million reflections everywhere. One light of the four was visible in the final shot and that took some time to setup. 

I don't think I've ever been so conscious of my gear before. With all those cars being packed in so close together I had to carefully navigate my way around with tripods and stands. The last thing I wanted to do was knick one of the cars. In order to shoot the high angle shot of the show room I had to engineer a makeshift tripod extension by taping my heavy metal tripod to the side of a 13 foot aluminum ladder. My ideas always work but just to be safe I had my assistant vigilantly standing at the bottom of the ladder just in case something happened. The whole setup was top heavy and the exposure was long. So I had to wait for the ladder to steady before I shot than stay perfectly still while the exposure was in action. Thirty minutes to setup and 30seconds to take the shot. Welcome to the wonderful world of photography.

The one shot of the day I was really looking forward to was a portrait of Sean standing in front of his flagship. This was a 24 shot composite. One shot to light Sean, one shot to light each rim, one shot to light underneath of the car, one shot for the interior and so on and so forth. It was the first time I had ever done such a complicated composite and to do it for a client with no room for error, it was a rush. I really enjoy those pressure situation where failure is not an option. I really had no idea how it would work out in the end but I was confident that I could get it done. 

Fairytale Land Interior Shots

I recently got hired by a kids party store franchise called Fairytale Land to shoot some Interior images of their new store location. It's a pretty cool business concept, they host birthday parties for kids. Parents don't have to deal with the mess or the stress of 20 kids running around a house. Fairytale Land provides the location, the cake and the really cool thing is that they provide the entertainment too. They hire actors to act out scenes from popular kids movies than give the kids costumes so they can get involved in the fun. Pretty cool idea.  

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Interior Photography

I recently did an interior shoot of a beautiful house designed by my brother. Yes my brother is an awesome architect. I've dabbled in interior and architectural photography in the past but now I want to take a more serious approach to it. After all wedding season only lasts 6 months in this country so I need to find other work during the down time. This is something a grew up around and enjoy doing so it's a great direction to explore.