Foggy Day in Toronto

A few nights ago we had a massive storm pass over the city and in the morning I woke up to this. Fog everywhere! So I took some time away from the the computer to take a walk by the lake. Nobody was around. Nothing but rain, fog and the sound of the waves on the beach. It was so relaxing. Shot this pic on my phone. A part of my wishedI had brought my real camera with me but at the same time it's nice to step away from work for a little bit be able to enjoy the moment. 

In the distance under the Humber Bay Bridge you can see a man on a little row boat. I watched as he paddled across the lake in the waves and thought to myself, yes that's something I want to do. Must be an exciting experience. I'll have to look into that and make it happen. 

The Team Effort

This is one of my favourite portraits from the 2014 wedding season. Special thanks to Tessa Rola for assisting and conceptualizing this pose. A good assistant is a photographer's best tool. 

I find it so helpful to have another set of eyes when shooting weddings. I'm primarily focused on lighting, exposure and composition and in most cases also pre-planning how i'm going to photoshop the image as i'm shooing. In the world of wedding photography everything is on a time crunch and without the proper exposure even a good pose is worthless. So while my mental efforts are geared towards those aspects It's super helpful to have someone else there suggesting poses and paying attention to hair and wardrobe. I'm a big advocate of the team effort approach. That's why I always bring an assistant with me to weddings. It ensures that the client gets the best possible product. And in the end that's what it's all about. Making sure the client is happy is the most important part of this business.       

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Interior Photography

I recently did an interior shoot of a beautiful house designed by my brother. Yes my brother is an awesome architect. I've dabbled in interior and architectural photography in the past but now I want to take a more serious approach to it. After all wedding season only lasts 6 months in this country so I need to find other work during the down time. This is something a grew up around and enjoy doing so it's a great direction to explore.