Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane Magazine 2006

There's an interesting story behind this. As part of my marking initiative to get my branding for my new photography business out there I frequently posted in online forums and made friends all around the world. It just so happens that one of the contacts I made in Australia recognized my photo on the cover of Lorna Jane magazine. She snatched up a few copies and mailed them over to me which was super awesome of her. Apparently Lorna Jane used this image in a store wide champaign so that was pretty sweet. Lorna Jane is Australia's version of lululemon. 

The girl on the cover was ecstatic when I told her about it. She was someone I had randomly met on a beach while traveling in Cuba. I asked her to model for me because I wanted to gain some experience. BAM! My first magazine cover. Crazy how things work out.