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Rain Rain Go Away

Vasko Photography. Toronto Wedding Photographer. A little rain isn't enough to to keep the romance from shining through at this wedding. A long kiss at the steps of the little white chapel. A moment captured that will never be forgotten. You can see more of my wedding photos in my wedding photography album. 

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That Moment

Toronto Wedding Photographer. Father's always seem to have a way with words at a wedding. That moment he makes everyone else in the room laugh but at the same time makes a tear come to your eye. Those are the special moments your look for at a wedding. You can see more of my wedding photography in my wedding gallery. 

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Wedding Photos

Vasko Photography. The chaos before the big moment. Some people may say it's the hardest time of the day but as a photographer it offers up the most interesting opportunities to get creative and build the base of a story. For more information on wedding photography please contact me. We can setup a face to face meeting and go over all the details of your wedding. 

New Business Cards & Postcards

It's an amazing day at the studio today because my new business cards and postcards arrived. Yaaaaa!!!! And they sure do look good. Used my favourite image from last summer's wedding season for the postcard. Totally loving that image and I'm hoping that people who see the postcard feel the same way. I'm going to give all of them away!!!!!! 

If you know anybody who is getting married and in need of a wedding photographer save this picture and send it to them. Or if you're looking for an awesome wedding photographer you've come to the right place. I love shooting weddings and I'm constantly learning and improving my skills. I'm looking to take on 15 bookings for 2016!  

Vasko Photography Toronto Wedding Photographer

Jonathan & Kayla

Here are two portraits of Jonathan and Kayla shot in a beautiful little park in Woodstock Ontario. It was a bit of a drive to get all the way out there but well worth it to score these beautiful photos. The top photo was edited with a retro tone which is all the rage right now in wedding photography. The bottom photo is a classic edit and all the colours are bright and true. I'm just posting this as an example to show clients the difference between a retro effect and a classic look.   

The Team Effort

This is one of my favourite portraits from the 2014 wedding season. Special thanks to Tessa Rola for assisting and conceptualizing this pose. A good assistant is a photographer's best tool. 

I find it so helpful to have another set of eyes when shooting weddings. I'm primarily focused on lighting, exposure and composition and in most cases also pre-planning how i'm going to photoshop the image as i'm shooing. In the world of wedding photography everything is on a time crunch and without the proper exposure even a good pose is worthless. So while my mental efforts are geared towards those aspects It's super helpful to have someone else there suggesting poses and paying attention to hair and wardrobe. I'm a big advocate of the team effort approach. That's why I always bring an assistant with me to weddings. It ensures that the client gets the best possible product. And in the end that's what it's all about. Making sure the client is happy is the most important part of this business.       

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