Fitness Solutions X

Alright so the next time you are perusing through the fitness section at Walmart you might see me there. I won't physically be there but you'll see my picture there on the packaging of Fitness Solutions X Woman's Fitness Gloves. How exciting is that! And it's a picture of one of my favourite models no less. Exciting times here at the studio today. 

Gardening Knee Pads By Palmate

Product photography is something I've always enjoyed shooting. A few weeks ago I got contacted by the marketing manager of Palmate. They were interested in some product photos of their knee pads to replace their existing photo set. So we setup a shoot and shot a series of very clean isolated on white product shots. They were super happy with the images which is always great to hear and they also told me sales went up 50% after they posted the new photos. Just goes to show you how important it is to have proper photos shot of your products. You could spend countless hours creating the best product you can but if you have low quality photos of your product potential buyers will never bother to read the product description. A strong visual first impression is so important. 

Talia Russo Portraits

Not to long ago I had the pleasure of working with local TV personality and actress Talia Russo. She's such an awesome personality to work with. She called me looking to book a portrait session. The plan was to shoot some glam portraits but still keep them very classy with the intention of submitting the images to various magazines for promotion. In her industry that kind of publicity goes a long way. I started the shoot playing it safe, using studio strobes, than switched things up to natural light to get these shots. I've been really into using natural light lately. Needless to say we were both super happy with the results form the shoot. Than when UMM Magazine picked up the images for a spotlight feature it was just bonus icing on the cake.  

Vasko Photography feature in UMM Magazine

New England Baptist Hospital

This is pretty cool. New England Baptist Hospital has licensed one of my fitness images for a YouTube video campaign for fitness awareness. Kinda neat. I'm used to my images being licensed for print so this is a bit of a new experience. I had an image used in a TV commercial a few years ago and that was cool too. It never gets old seeing my work in use. As a photographer you're always happy to see your work making money.  

The Photographic & Digital Imaging Show 2006

Taking it all the way back to May 2006 for this one. Temperature by Sean Paul was the number one hit on the radio and I got my first billboard ad. This was pretty cool. When I first launched my photography business I needed models and so I shot my friends whenever I got the chance. I submitted some shots here and there and a year later one of my images was selected to be used on this ad for the digital imaging show. 

Wow look at me back in 2006 with my shiny new 70-200mm f2.8 L IS. I had to save up forever to buy that lens and now as i'm writing this it's 2015 and that same lens is still a workhorse in my camera bag. Nine years of regular use and it still works like new. A testament to investing in quality glass. 

Shoeless Joe's

I was hired by Shoeless Joe's to shoot some promotional content for their print and web in store event marking. When they asked me if I knew any beautiful women that would model for the project I said not a problem. I hired Canadian Playboy cover model Rachelle Wilde for the shoot. She was absolutely amazing to work with such a fun personality. Shoeless Joe's loved the photos and if the client is happy I'm happy. 

The Friendship Club

Advertisement for a special needs organization that matches up teens with special needs kids for home visits to develop friendships. It’s a popular program for teens who love the events and get recognition for their devoted work. This was the kick off party event featuring live pizza making with Stefano’s pizza baker. I shot the pizza for the advertisement and also got to eat it after. mmmmm food photography. 

My First Billboard

This was super exciting. itravel2000 had licensed a bunch of my images for a national ad campaign. My pictures were all over the internet, magazines and, the really cool part, all over billboards. It was the first time I had one of my images published on a billboard and plastered all across Toronto. I was everywhere. lol. It was pretty neat.