Fitness Lifestyle Stock Photo Shoot

So I've been busy this summer planning my return to the stock photography game. I got started as a photographer shooting stock photos back in 2005 and truth be told I was pretty good at it. I learned so much by shooting stock and I'm so grateful for for all the experiences and friends I made along the way. I haven't shot stock in years and I'm feeling the itch to get back into it. To be perfectly honest the idea of shooting stock again feels like going home. It's a comfortable place for me. A lot has changed since the last time I was involved with iStockPhoto but I'm excited to take on the learning curve and find that success again. Don't worry I'm not going to stop shooting weddings. Stock photography is going to to be my side hustle.  

Here is the first set I uploaded in my return to stock photography. A fitness lifestyle set with the beautiful hispanic model Karli Vanessa Sal. We shot two quick looks at the beach. Nothing too fancy or overly planned. It was a good feeling to get the brain wrapped around shooting stock photos. I definitely felt rusty. It's a great start as far as I'm concerned and I'm going to keep moving forward from there.

These photos are for sale and if you need them for your project click on the images below and they will link you to the photos on iStock Photo. 

Link to my iStock Photo Portfolio

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Cheese Board by Zeenea for

Vasko Photography, I recently had the pleasure of working with Zeenea. They hired me to shoot product shots of their cheese board set for their store. We had a good group on set and the shoot went buy with a lot of laughs. It's always a good day when you have a good group in the studio. Zeenea wanted clean white background product shots. Some of just the cheese board set and some action shots with the cheese board all set up. The client was happy with the shots and as usual I'm happy that the client was happy. 

If you need shots of your products drop me a message and let's talk about what I can do to help your business. 

Gurmeet Head Shots

I recently had the pleasure of working with Gurmeet who is a Toronto area real-estate agent. We shot these images for her business card and signage so i'm not saying it's a sure thing but I'm saying there is a chance you might see this face as you're driving around the city. 

Wedding Photos

Vasko Photography. The chaos before the big moment. Some people may say it's the hardest time of the day but as a photographer it offers up the most interesting opportunities to get creative and build the base of a story. For more information on wedding photography please contact me. We can setup a face to face meeting and go over all the details of your wedding. 

Addisons Residence Food Shoot

Vasko Photography. I recently had the pleasure of working with the Addisons Residence on a pretty tasty project. They hired me to shoot photos photos of the new food dishes that will be appearing on their new menu. Got some fantastic shots for them. I'm really happy with the way the images came out. Below is a selection of a few of the dishes we shot. And let me tell you from first hand experience, because I got to try all of this goodness after I shot it, the food at the Addisons Residence was really good. I'd eat all of it again any time. 

Enjoy the shots and don't get too hungry. If you're in the market for a food photography don't hesitate to message me. Contact me page.  

Fitness Solutions X

Alright so the next time you are perusing through the fitness section at Walmart you might see me there. I won't physically be there but you'll see my picture there on the packaging of Fitness Solutions X Woman's Fitness Gloves. How exciting is that! And it's a picture of one of my favourite models no less. Exciting times here at the studio today. 

Flip Flops

This passed summer I got myself into product photography mode. Now that it's winter and freezing outside, well maybe not freezing, it's been a warm winter, but it's certainly not pool season. Anyway, i'm getting off topic. Now that it's cold out it's nice to sit back and edit shots taken in the summer. It's fun to relive those memories by the pool. I decided to challenge myself by taking a regular mundane object like flip flops and shoot them in such away as to make them interesting while at the same time leaving enough negative space for commercial copy. It was a fun little exercise and as soon as I was done I jumped in the pool. I'm pretty happy with the shots. These are my three favourites from the series. These photos are available for licensing upon request. 

Gardening Knee Pads By Palmate

Product photography is something I've always enjoyed shooting. A few weeks ago I got contacted by the marketing manager of Palmate. They were interested in some product photos of their knee pads to replace their existing photo set. So we setup a shoot and shot a series of very clean isolated on white product shots. They were super happy with the images which is always great to hear and they also told me sales went up 50% after they posted the new photos. Just goes to show you how important it is to have proper photos shot of your products. You could spend countless hours creating the best product you can but if you have low quality photos of your product potential buyers will never bother to read the product description. A strong visual first impression is so important. 

Cottage Life

I recently shot a series of images of a group of beautiful wooden cottages on the French River. Such a beautiful location. I was really in awe. Northern Ontario really is stunning. We got really lucky on the day of the shoot. It had been raining all week up there and on the day we shot it cleared up and we had a beautiful blue sky afternoon. It was fantastic. The images came out amazing. Really happy with the results. Here are a few Images from the cottage shoot series. 

Talia Russo Portraits

Not to long ago I had the pleasure of working with local TV personality and actress Talia Russo. She's such an awesome personality to work with. She called me looking to book a portrait session. The plan was to shoot some glam portraits but still keep them very classy with the intention of submitting the images to various magazines for promotion. In her industry that kind of publicity goes a long way. I started the shoot playing it safe, using studio strobes, than switched things up to natural light to get these shots. I've been really into using natural light lately. Needless to say we were both super happy with the results form the shoot. Than when UMM Magazine picked up the images for a spotlight feature it was just bonus icing on the cake.  

Vasko Photography feature in UMM Magazine

Product Shots

I found myself sitting around the other day itching to get behind the camera. There's only so much editing you can do before you HAVE to get up from the desk and take things in a different direction. So I was walking around the studio when the though of taking some product shots of my old cameras came to mind. So I figured why no,t let's setup the lights and have a little fun. These are a few shots from that camera product shoot. 

Foggy Day in Toronto

A few nights ago we had a massive storm pass over the city and in the morning I woke up to this. Fog everywhere! So I took some time away from the the computer to take a walk by the lake. Nobody was around. Nothing but rain, fog and the sound of the waves on the beach. It was so relaxing. Shot this pic on my phone. A part of my wishedI had brought my real camera with me but at the same time it's nice to step away from work for a little bit be able to enjoy the moment. 

In the distance under the Humber Bay Bridge you can see a man on a little row boat. I watched as he paddled across the lake in the waves and thought to myself, yes that's something I want to do. Must be an exciting experience. I'll have to look into that and make it happen. 

New Business Cards & Postcards

It's an amazing day at the studio today because my new business cards and postcards arrived. Yaaaaa!!!! And they sure do look good. Used my favourite image from last summer's wedding season for the postcard. Totally loving that image and I'm hoping that people who see the postcard feel the same way. I'm going to give all of them away!!!!!! 

If you know anybody who is getting married and in need of a wedding photographer save this picture and send it to them. Or if you're looking for an awesome wedding photographer you've come to the right place. I love shooting weddings and I'm constantly learning and improving my skills. I'm looking to take on 15 bookings for 2016!  

Vasko Photography Toronto Wedding Photographer

Platinum Cars

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Sean the owner of Platinum Cars. I was hired to shoot content for magazine submissions. Stock photos they could give to car magazines for publication. This shoot was a challenge but ultimately a lot of fun. Being around all those shiny cars was pretty cool too. 

This was a very challenging and enjoyable experience. Shooting the front lobby was a long process. With glass walls everywhere it took some time to setup the lights so that I would not see a million reflections everywhere. One light of the four was visible in the final shot and that took some time to setup. 

I don't think I've ever been so conscious of my gear before. With all those cars being packed in so close together I had to carefully navigate my way around with tripods and stands. The last thing I wanted to do was knick one of the cars. In order to shoot the high angle shot of the show room I had to engineer a makeshift tripod extension by taping my heavy metal tripod to the side of a 13 foot aluminum ladder. My ideas always work but just to be safe I had my assistant vigilantly standing at the bottom of the ladder just in case something happened. The whole setup was top heavy and the exposure was long. So I had to wait for the ladder to steady before I shot than stay perfectly still while the exposure was in action. Thirty minutes to setup and 30seconds to take the shot. Welcome to the wonderful world of photography.

The one shot of the day I was really looking forward to was a portrait of Sean standing in front of his flagship. This was a 24 shot composite. One shot to light Sean, one shot to light each rim, one shot to light underneath of the car, one shot for the interior and so on and so forth. It was the first time I had ever done such a complicated composite and to do it for a client with no room for error, it was a rush. I really enjoy those pressure situation where failure is not an option. I really had no idea how it would work out in the end but I was confident that I could get it done. 

Jonathan & Kayla

Here are two portraits of Jonathan and Kayla shot in a beautiful little park in Woodstock Ontario. It was a bit of a drive to get all the way out there but well worth it to score these beautiful photos. The top photo was edited with a retro tone which is all the rage right now in wedding photography. The bottom photo is a classic edit and all the colours are bright and true. I'm just posting this as an example to show clients the difference between a retro effect and a classic look.   

The Team Effort

This is one of my favourite portraits from the 2014 wedding season. Special thanks to Tessa Rola for assisting and conceptualizing this pose. A good assistant is a photographer's best tool. 

I find it so helpful to have another set of eyes when shooting weddings. I'm primarily focused on lighting, exposure and composition and in most cases also pre-planning how i'm going to photoshop the image as i'm shooing. In the world of wedding photography everything is on a time crunch and without the proper exposure even a good pose is worthless. So while my mental efforts are geared towards those aspects It's super helpful to have someone else there suggesting poses and paying attention to hair and wardrobe. I'm a big advocate of the team effort approach. That's why I always bring an assistant with me to weddings. It ensures that the client gets the best possible product. And in the end that's what it's all about. Making sure the client is happy is the most important part of this business.       

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